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Premium Member
Apr 17, 2018 - 4:13 PM - by Zman
You can now purchase premium membership by clicking here or using the 'Upgrade Account' option located on the homepage navigation bar. This currently does not have any in-game benefits though members will have an increased maximum avatar size as well as the ability to upload animated avatars.

More additions will be introduced in the near future, however as of now this is simply a donation to the continued development of the server.

Dodian Development Team
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Slayer, Drops, and Caskets!
Apr 12, 2018 - 10:52 PM - by Zman
Hello Dodian,

Todays update brings a number of new features, as well as some much-needed adjustments to some older ones.

Monsters all across Dodian will now drop a variety of tiered reward caskets. Noob and Regular caskets can be looted from lower level creatures, while higher level mobs and bosses will drop Elite and Boss caskets respectively. These caskets can be sold to other players, or looted for a chance at some rare items! The most notable loot is the robin hat and ranger boots, though there are a few other rewards I'm sure you'll all love to get your hands on.

With the addition of caskets, the drop table has also undergone a rather large overhaul. Many items have been added to make certain mobs more profitable, and quite a few rates on older drops have been adjusted. This includes two new major items that will now be dropped by Balfrug. You can see these changes in greater detail by clicking here.

Finally, I'd like to introduce our latest Slayer expansion, which will bring players deep into Burg de Rott to fight new and profitable creatures. Players with 70 Slayer can speak to Vannaka, just South of Mort'ton, to receive assignments in the surrounding area. The level 55 master, Ifeosus, will also assign 2 new monsters that can be found in the Mort Myre Swamp. For more detailed on these creatures, check out the in-game Slayer guide!

Additional Fixes & Changes
-Blood cloaks will no longer give negative magic and ranged bonuses
-The bonuses on blue and white mystic robes have been increased
-Loots from the Gu'tanoth chest have been adjusted
-The maximum hit damage of Graardor and his minions has been reduced
-Farming growth rates have been adjusted again
-Berries will now... [Read More]
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A Foe Rises in Gu'Tanoth
Apr 07, 2018 - 7:13 PM - by Saragoth
Greetings Warriors,

For the past month, you've slain the likes of The Revenant Warlord, Balfruq, and even The King Black Dragon. While these menacing creatures that used to reign terror over our land have been calmed by you brave souls, we have a new danger that has made it's home very close to our dear town of Yanille. After being banished from his resting place in God Wars for his contempt towards the other Gods, he found pasture within Gu'Tanoth, where he and his bodyguards have been training to declare war on the three remaining gods of God Wars for banishing them, and reclaim it for Bandos. That's right warriors, General Graardor is on our very doorstep.

Commander Zilyana caught wind of this plan when one of her troops went on an exploration mission, and overheard some followers of Bandos discussing the attack. Immediately upon being informed of this, Zilyana contacted us, the warriors of Dodian, asking for help. Zilyana explained how her troops were weakened from constantly fending off OSRS players, specifically ironmen(btw), and that she needed our help. Of course, we will answer Zilyana's request, and defeat Graardor before he ever has a chance to strike, and here's how it's going to be done:

Before being able to access Gu'Tanoth, you'll have to brave The Revenant Warlord once more, as General Graardor has left The Revenant in charge of his kingdoms key, the Bone Key. Once you obtain this key from the Warlord, you will now be able to venture into Gu'Tanoth. You will also need a minimum Agility level of 12 to be able to take on the treacherous landscape of Gu'Tanoth. Though higher Agility levels will be rewarded, as you will soon see.


Important Information Regarding Gu'Tanoth & General Graardor:
-... [Read More]
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